About Us & Testimonials

George (Yorge)
Photographer & videographer

I mainly focus on the magic of the moment but I also love doing stylized shoots. I like to travel so whether your wedding is taking place on the Canary Islands or Mauritius, I would love to be a part of it.

Cinematographer, editor & director

I love capturing emotions and once in a life time moments. I always aim for the highest technical quality possible while trying to give the best experience to my clients so as they enjoyed themselves.

Assistant photographer & copywriter

My job is to create ideal conditions for Yorge and Martin. I make sure that everything runs as a well-oiled machine and help out in situations that require more than one person to take the perfect shot.

John & Lucy

"Yorge is a pro you don't even notice that he's there at your wedding, and then he sends you absolutely beautiful photos. Easy communication, professionalism and human approach at the same time. The final results are definitely worth it. Of course, Yorge will also take stylized photos if you wish so, but what I think he can do the best is to capture the magic of the moment. That's why his photographs are absolutely lovely."

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Jack & Kate

"What a fantastic production. We have entrusted our wedding day photographs and video to some truly talented and friendly professionals and we were more than happy with the results. Thank you once more! 👏🏻👏🏻"

Kate & Jack

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Eve & George

"Beautiful photos!!! Even more beautiful than we imagined. Perfectly captured moments and family memories. Although my husband and I don't like taking pictures, the wedding atmosphere is faithfully captured even though we didn't even know about the photographer at the wedding. Our wedding took place in natural surroundings and our photographer managed to conjure some unforgettable images. We always come back to them with a smile on our faces. Thanks again and we highly recommend Yorge to anyone who's looking for a great wedding photographer."

Kate & Phillip

"Yorge is a great photographer. He has a gift for capturing the right moments. When you see the pictures afterwards, tears come to your eyes many a time and that's exactly what you want – going through the most beautiful and touching photos you have ever seen again and again."

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Martina & Rogard

"Yorge is an amazing photographer and his work is breathtaking. The whole cooperation was very pleasant and professional from the initial meeting to the logistics and delivery of photos. Yorge can choose the perfect time and gives a great advice on where the best photos can be taken - priceless for weddings! What our foreign guests appreciated the most was his fluent English and helpfulness."

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Andrew & Šárka

"Some people come into your lives as a blessing. Meeting Yorge, Martin, and Vojta was definitely one of them. Both Yorge and Martin are gifted to see and capture the loveliest moments and Vojta creates the best conditions for them. Thank you once again guys, you are a great team."

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