Classic Portrait

Shooting without preparation

(family, couple, single)

Creative portrait

Working with expressions & props

(glamour, boudoir, fashion, business)

Elemental Portrait

Portraits in the water, with fire, and other elements.

Professional Portrait

Shooting at night &

portraits requiring extensive editing.

Need a perfect portrait?

Choose one of the options below and get in touch with me on one of my social sites or via e-mail so that we can make things happen.

Inspiration is everywhere.

I like to improvise with anything interesting we bump into.

I embrace new ideas.

Do you have an interesting idea? Let's go shoot it!

Weather doesn't matter

I don't mind shooting in the rain, cold or mud.

Classic portrait

Price: €150

Couple, family, single, rodinné foto, focení miminek a těhotenské focení).


• 1 hour of shooting outdoors

• 10-15 edited photographs with basic retouching

Creative Portrait

Price: €250

We will discuss what to shoot, how to look, what we'll use for shooting (props, places, expressions). Also includes boudoir, glamour or fashion photoshoots.


• 2 hours of shooting

• 5-10 edited photographs with thorough retouching

Elemental Portrait

Price: €300

Portraits in the water, with fire, or other elements.


• 2,5 hours of shooting outside

• 4-8 edited photographs with thorough retouching

Professional Portrait

Price: €400

Shooting portraits at night or portraits that require extensive retouching and editing


• 3 hours of shooting outside

• ca. 5 thoroughly edited & retouched photographs